October 9 through 19, 2017 

Italian Journeys for 2017

Note:  currently all trips in 2017 are fully booked though we do occasionally have cancellations.  Let us know if you would like to be informed of eventual openings.

If Italy were a boot, Puglia would be the spiky heel sticking into the Adriatic.  With its back against the mountains of Basilicata and its gaze fixed toward the East, this region of Italy, throughout history, has been isolated from the rest of the penninsula:  geographically, philosophically, and politically.  Perhaps this explains why Puglia feels at times like any place but Italy.

Please note that we will be offering a trip to Puglia again in May of 2018.  For a complete itinerary click below.


November 1 through 11/12, 2017

We return to Sicily each November, a time when the island is tranquil but the weather still temperate.  And, over the years, we've arrived at an itinerary that works.  The trip starts with a day in Rome.  The next morning we fly to Reggio Calabria to see the famed Riace Bronzes, then across the Straits of Messina to Sicily:  2 nights in Taormina, 2 nights in Siracusa, 2 nights in Agrigento, and 3 or 4 nights in Palermo.  

While this year's trip is full, we will be offering it again in November of 2018.