Italian Journeys

I met Nancy in 1990, while spending a year in Rome with my husband and two young children.  One of the highlights of that year were my weekly walking tours with Nancy, who knows more about all things Italian that anyone I have yet to encounter.  I left Rome resolving to return.  Hence, Italian Journeys.

We offered our first tour in 1992:  to my parents, a couple and an assortment of friends and strangers willing to travel with a couple of enthusiastic novices.  The trip was fabulous, as I knew it would be.  Friends told friends about it, word-of-mouth worked its magic, and we haven't looked back. 

Over the years,  we have sliced and diced the peninsula of Italy in countless different ways.  We've seen some remarkable things:  sometimes by design; sometimes by chance.  We've stayed in beautiful hotels; eaten like kings, gained in-depth understandings of Italian art and culture, and, through it all, made many lasting friends with the many Italian Journeys "regulars."

New Directions in 2018

It's been nearly three decades since Nancy and I first toyed with the thought of organizing a tour.  Many dozens of trips later--perhaps a hundred--the good news is that we still take delight in our work.  Thanks in no small part to Italy's remarkable rich and varied heritages.  

For 2018, we've decided to streamline some of our favorite tours:

Smaller groups (10 to 12 participants)

Smaller busses (that get us closer to the things we want to see)

Longer stays at each hotel (so we aren't hauling suitcases quite so often)

Slightly shorter tours (in response to popular demand)

Otherwise, it's business as usual:  small group trips to various regions of Italy.  Our goal with these trips is to tease out the nuances that make each city, region, or village unique, be it the art, architecture, cuisine, artisan traditions, or history.  And then to try and figure out why.